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Full time position

We hire people who have passion for our purpose and who’s attitude fits with our core values.

Skills required: Vulnerability, empathy, resourcefulness, can do attitude and the uniquely mindful confidence of a skilled person who is walking their talk. What we offer: long hours of never-ending work, tears of frustration, cold wind, wet rain and slow internet. There is no money here to pay your wage, so your challenge will be to generate a living wage for yourself through what you will enable the farm to do. For example perhaps you may work with the cows, run our office, community hostel and process milk. Or can you create a new business with us such as a green funeral burial site / death café, grow vegetables and run a market garden, make cheese or spin wool?. 40% of what we do usually fails. If you succeed your reward will be personal ownership of your own honest pair of working hands. Hands which show that you have helped make the world be a better place whilst working here. If that’s you then please email us.

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