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Become Part of Wicton Farm 

Are you looking for a new adventure? Are you seeking out a new challenge? Do you want to  to learn more and have an impact on where your food comes from? Maybe we have an opportunity for you

We host World-wide Work experiences On Organic Farms (Wwoof!) work experience placements. 


Wicton Farm offers an in-depth dairy farm learning experience focusing on organic farming.


Full time position – We hire people who have passion and attitude which aligns with our core values.


You don't have to be physically present on the farm be part of what we do! You can help facilitate our farm's forward thinking, positive world change in a variety of different ways.....  from buying milk from our vending machine, sponsoring a cow, or making a financial donation. If you are highly skilled perhaps we may use your expertise to support the projects we are doing?

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