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Support the work that is happening on the farm

Many of the projects and decisions made at Wicton Farm are not done based on how much money they generate but the impact they have on the world long term.  This might range from giving a new entrant into farming the opportunity to live, learn and absorb what we do here, or giving one of our older cows the space and time to just enjoy being a cow regardless of how much milk she is producing or whether she is in calf. In addition we take the time to think outside the box, push boundaries and try new ideas and projects.


We believe that by looking at the Farm as a whole system and managing it holistically we can achieve a more sustainable and forward thinking model. 


We all have the ability to heal our planet through the decisions we make.  We want people to have the option to make a donation to the farming system we run and play a part in making a change in the world we live in. This might be because you are not in a position or have the need to buy milk direct from us but still want to support what we are doing, it might be in memory  or as a gift for someone. What ever the reason behind making a donation the money is gratefully received and is used to help create change in the way we produce our food and how we can live in harmony with nature.

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