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Fresh Milkshakes Available 24 hours a day!

Our milkshake vending machine is located in Bromyard town centre next to Legges butchers and delicatessen

  • Easy walking distance ​​​​​

  • Excellent parking

  • Safe access 24 hours per day


Vending Machine Location

Cold Fresh Milkshakes

  • Our milkshakes are made using fresh organic milk. Our milk is un-homogenised. This means that the milkshakes are naturally creamy and delicious!

  • We provide biodegradable cups at our milkshake vending machine which are perfectly designed to fit our milkshakes

  • You may also choose to buy one of our small glass 500ml reusable milkshake bottles. These can be washed and used again and again!



  • Our milkshake machine gives you the choice of four different flavours. So you get to select exactly what you want. We change the flavours regularly. If there is a special flavour you would like to try please get in touch and let us know!


Apple Juice







Useful Information

  • We are open 24hrs a day allowing you to visit at your convenience. Please note that if you require help whilst visiting we are only available from 7.30am until 6pm

  • Our vending machines do not accept cash. Everything is contactless and only card or mobile phone payments are accepted.

  • Sometimes in life you really can get far more than what you pay for! We know that our Wild Cow Dairy Milk and Wicton Farm produce are one of those rare things. This is because our milk is produced to very high environmental and cow welfare standards. Our prices are carefully calculated to empower the world to be a better place.


  • Our cows only eat grass, they grow their horns how nature intended and their baby calves stay with their mothers. Our milk is organic with no pesticides or chemicals used. We are certified antibiotic free, we take care of the environment, we are trying hard to be a plastic free farm and we generate all our  electricity using solar panels.


  • We urge you to think about the type of people you and your family will now become by buying our milk? You really are what you eat. We thank you for purchasing our milk and we welcome you into the Wild Cow Dairy community! Lets change the world together!

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