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About Wicton Farm


We care about our soil – we direct drill most of our crops, manure is composted and an RTK closed traffic system limits soil compaction created by grassland and manure spreading tractor operations.

We have a minimal machinery policy and we constantly seek new ways to reduce our tractor usage in every way that we may be able too.

All paid farm staff receive a realistic wage and we offer in depth knowledge learning via our dairy apprenticeships and Wwoof placements. If you may like to become part of the farm or may wish to purchase a unique present for somebody special in your life then we welcome you to visit our shop:

Anthony and Lindy Howlett started farming at Wicton Farm in 1974 with 40 dairy cows and 150 acres. The farm has now increased in size to 175 acres and has been fully organic since 1999. The farm operates under a framework of holistic, mindful and regenerative management practices in all areas of the business. 


The farm has excellent modern facilities, is powered by 100% renewable energy, the cows are 100% grass fed and we are trying hard to be a single use plastic free farm. We have 45 acres of agroforestry, lots of wild life areas, fruit trees, beehives, rescue cats and various other small animals which decide to make their home here. 

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