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Dog training sessions

Welcome to Hereford Mantrailing!


My name is Victoria and I’m a total dog addict!

I qualified as a Veterinary Nurse back in 2004 and have continued to work in the industry ever since. I have a real passion for working dogs having had my first Labrador 19 years ago which was the beginning of my dog training and working journey.

I know only too well that a dog with a job is a happy dog, I’ve watched my rescue dogs truly flourish through mental stimulation and purpose, so I’m really excited to be bringing the highly addictive dog sport of Mantrailing to venues around North Herefordshire/Worcestershire border.

What is Mantrailing and who is it for?

Mantrailing is a thrilling game of teamwork with your canine companion in which we teach your dog to find a missing person by following their specific scent in a variety of settings from rural to urban.

Mantrailing is all inclusive – suitable for dogs of any breed, any age, if nervous or reactive and for those who cannot tolerate high impact sports or exercise. Trailing provides your dog with mental stimulation and builds confidence by encouraging problem solving and independent thinking.

So, join us to unleash your dog’s true superpower, their nose! We just ‘follow their nose 2 trail’.


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