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Wild Cow Coffee Cabin

We welcome you to visit our Coffee Cabin, which is located at the Wild Pet Paddock on the Rowden Road.

Real coffee, fresh tea, hot chocolate, organic milk and dog refreshments are available to purchase using smart payment at the Coffee Cabin vending machine 24hrs per day.

- Dedicated private customer parking

- Beautiful views

All our items are organic and fair trade, the electricity used to run the vending machines is 100% renewable and is generated by our farm's solar panels



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Views from the Coffee Cabin


the Wild Pet Paddock

Car parking at the Coffee Cabin

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Our Wild Cow Coffee Cabin is  located at the Wild Pet Paddock on the Rowden Road.

Useful information

We are open 24hrs a day allowing you to visit at your convenience.


All our hot drinks are made using fresh organic milk from our farm 

You can now be plastic free when it comes to buying your milk! You can buy our glass 'Wild Cow Dairy ' milk bottles at the vending machine or bring along your own container to fill up. We encourage everyone to wash and reuse the milk bottles.

Our vending machine and Coffee Cabin only accepts contactless payments


As a guide our milk will last at least 3 days when refrigerated but it usually lasts alot longer.

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