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Wild Cow Wellness

Transformational life coaching.

Mindful personal development strategy training.


  • Safe space confidential appointments online – Gain clarity to discover who you really are.

  • Authentic empowerment of self – Learn confidence to be genuinely seen as you.

  • Transformational personal growth – Develop into the person you really dream to be.

  • Creative forward thinking life strategy planning – Reap the rewards of a life lived well.

  • Mindful life coaching – hold yourself to account and create positive future world change.


Safety – Clarity – Authenticity – Personal growth - Confidence – Transformation


Daniel Howlett is an SNHS Dip qualified life coach who is his own student of focused multi-disciplinary learning.

Relationships – Health – Fitness – Mindfulness - Stress management - Career – Finance

In the safe space of confidential life coaching sessions, you can uncover the seeds of your life dreams, action the personal growth required and go on to successfully reap the rewards of a life lived well.

If you are willing to discover and explore your own true self potential further; please reach out and book a confidential life coaching free online trial appointment.




Daniel also specialises in coaching business clients who are immersed in challenging or dysfunctional family run business situations. Daniel has in-depth knowledge of agriculture, family farm succession and farm mediation. By observing, listening and questioning, Daniel can facilitate clients to explore their current situations, devise solutions and set goals to achieve their true-life success.

“Your life is your farm – you always have the choice of change”

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