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Herd Share Membership

 Become part of the farm!

Do you want a unique opportunity to support our natural way of farming without having to buy milk and dairy products everyday? or, do you wish to give a an amazing gift to somebody who cares that  their food is produced in harmony with nature?

Buy into our farm and become a Herd share Member! 

  • A percentage of the cost of a Herd share membership will contribute towards implementing Wicton farm's core values of: farming in harmony with nature, regenerative food production and human mindfulness.

  • The remaining value of the herd share membership can be used by the owner to purchase items such as milk from our vending machines for 12 months if you wish. Any credit left over will then be used by the farm to develop new forward thinking projects for the following year.

You will receive:

  • A unique handmade wooden token.  This token can be used at our vending machines to buy any dairy related or farm produce which is available for sale (some of our products are seasonal). 

  • The knowledge that you are directly part  a farming system that is actively                                               helping  to heal our natural world

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