How we do it

#Happy cows

We prioritize the welfare, comfort and well being of or cows at all times.  They graze outside from March until November and as you will see from the video below they love going out to grass after the winter months!


#Happy people

Ensuring a structured, organised working environment helps make life easier for everyone. Working as a team involves, commitment, flexibility and enthusiasm. In order to make sure that we continue to enjoy the challenges we face when working in the dairy industry we make sure we have at least one day off per week and have access to training and learning opportunities.

Claire and Daniel
Daniel and Claire

#Happy cats

Ernie the farm cat

#Happy future

It is important that family farms are passed onto the next generation. This should be planned in advance and carried out in a structured way that everybody agrees on. My brother and I took over the farm from my parents – this was only possible after we had a professional succession planner (Sian Bushell) come in and create a two year plan for our family allowing a smooth(ish!) transition from one generation to another.

Sian Bushell
Sian Bushell

In order to ensure the future happiness of yourselves, your family and your farm we encourage all farmers to make sure they have a date they will retire, a plan in place, a will, a partnership agreement and power of attorney’s in place.

“Fail to prepare is to prepare to fail”

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